A New Standard

A New Standard in Wireless Technology

Surazal Systems offers a cloud networking technology that provides comprehensive access solutions for the mobile first enterprise. Built from the ground up for today’s challenges, Aerohive Wireless Solutions has set new standards for how to address these global trends that are impacting every organization with a unique and powerful combination of distributed networking intelligence, known as their Cooperative Control architecture, and an industry leading cloud services infrastructure. This allows Aerohive to deliver secure, enterprise-class access to every site — from a large campus or headquarters to remote branches and even single teleworker offices — with consistent, predictable service and maximum security.

Enabling secure mobility regardless of the user’s location or device and optimizing the user experience with mobile applications allows the enterprise to enjoy greater productivity, improved employee morale, and better customer service,while at the same time reducing cost and complexity. With Aerohive, work becomes what you do, not a place you go.

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