5 Benefits You Can Obtain by Installing a Wireless LAN

5 Benefits You Can Obtain by Installing a Wireless LANThe installation of a wireless LAN for your business can make a significant difference to both your company’s productivity and its bottom line. Consequently, with the increased need for more Internet access points more savvy entrepreneurs are moving towards the idea. Add to that the now much-higher number of business-related devices that require connectivity and you can see why wireless LAN is no longer technology of the future – it’s now!

Here are 5 benefits you can expect to gain by installing a wireless LAN.

Benefit #1: Convenience

There’s little to beat the convenience of a wireless connection. Regardless of whether your staff are working from the office, from their homes or out in the field, it’s an advantage for them to be able to connect with any device and still have access to the same tools and information on your network. They can collaborate across departments and functions safely and securely, with access to internet, email and file-sharing sites. At the same time, your intellectual property and data is protected from unauthorized access.

Benefit #2: Mobility and Flexibility

Moving around is a fact of life these days – in business and outside it. And every time you have a team member moving – even if it’s just down the hall – the move requires removal and re-installation of the data cabling for that person. With a wireless LAN, you only need one connection and everybody has access whether you have 10 users at each point or just one. If you’re moving offices, reconfiguring your existing premises or adding new staff, your network engineering team can accommodate the changes easily and cost-effectively.

Benefit #3: Cost Savings

Installation costs include hardware, software and labor for moving the equipment, wiring the network and overseeing the operation. A wireless LAN that doesn’t require cabling is an immediate, obvious cost saving. You also save on materials when it’s no longer necessary to install miles and miles of wiring throughout each office or offsite location that requires Internet access with a large enterprise network.

Benefit #4: Scalability

If growth is included in your strategic plans or you operate on a per-project basis with variable staffing, you’ll need an Internet connection that can grow – and shrink – when necessary, without causing you unnecessary purchases or leaving you with obsolete equipment afterwards. A wireless LAN such as the Aerohive 802-11n has a single, consistent architecture that is scalable in both capital and operational costs. It can support a wide range of devices with multiple users and access points, across a number of physical locations such as branch offices.

Benefit #5: Simplicity

The days are over when humans had to be employed to manage everything. With legacy WLAN systems, you often needed a controller for every few devices. After a certain size, you needed controllers to manage the controllers! By installing a wireless LAN designed to expand as you need it to and that operates without controllers you eliminate the human element, which both simplifies the system and increases its reliability.

Bring your business into the 21st century with a new wireless LAN installation that helps boost convenience and productivity, improve profitability and enables you to manage your company’s network engineering more effectively.