5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Nortel Business Phone System to Avaya

Avaya Phone SystemWhen Nortel Networks folded in 2009, a huge number of customers across the U.S. wondered what would become of their investment in the Norstar technology. At that point, both large and small businesses were making the most of the Nortel VOIP business phone system to integrate their communications company-wide, and the potential loss of support and infrastructure was very worrying.

All that changed, however, with the acquisition of Nortel by Avaya, and users now have the chance to seamlessly upgrade Nortel systems to the new IP Office.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider this:

Reason #1: Age of the System

If your Nortel system is more than three years old, it may well be less efficient than it was to begin with. If it’s several years older than that, there’s a strong possibility that both the hardware and software are out of date and no longer supported, so you can anticipate downtime at some point. There’s no value in waiting until the system gives out completely – in fact, by upgrading ahead of that time you can do it in stages and save on costs. Which brings us to the next point: money!

Reason #2: Cost Savings

Maximizing the profitability of your business is all about getting the best return on whatever funds you invest. So if a new technology is able to save you money, your costs go down and profitability goes up. If you upgrade Nortel to our new IP Office business phone system while your handsets are still usable, you may be able to keep using the phones and replace them on an “as needed” basis. Alternatively, you can provide sophisticated users with new phones, while keeping the old ones as backup or for staff who have less need for them. This enables you to protect up to 60% of your original investment, but still gain the benefit of the new solution.

Reason #3: Business Growth

If your company is growing, your business phone system needs to be able to grow with it. By upgrading now to a new VOIP solution, you can connect from 5 to 1,000 users in as many as 32 locations – all at a substantially lower cost that it would be to invest in a new system. If you’re planning to stay in business for the next 5 to 10 years, you need to plan in the long-term to ensure that technology doesn’t leave you behind.

Reason #4: Increased Mobility

In addition to squeezing the last drops of life from your handsets, if you upgrade Nortel now you can get the benefit of improved mobility based on technology that simply wasn’t available when the Norstar business phone system was developed. The integration of mobile devices with every facet of business life requires a system that can handle a range of different “reach” numbers for your employees – from their smart phones to their tablets, office voice-mail to their email, Skype phone to home phone. With IP Office’s ability to “follow” it doesn’t matter where your employee is – the phone will find them. If your business depends on the agility of your communications system, then upgrading is essential.

Reason #5: Video Conferencing

We’re much more travel-savvy these days than we were a couple years ago. Where you once thought nothing of hopping on an aeroplane to attend a conference in another state, you’re far more likely now to consider connecting electronically from the comfort of your own office. Part of the reason for this is that it’s now possible – back then you could connect people in two or three locations for a video conference, but now it’s sometimes necessary to connect people from multiple locations. If you’ve experienced this type of scenario, then upgrading Nortel to a new business phone system is vital.

Find out if an upgrade to Avaya’s IP Office is right for your business by scheduling a free evaluation of your current business phone system and requirements.