Can updating my network increase profits?

Do you ever think the following?

  • My network is old, but it is paid for.
  • It’s not costing me anything.
  • “If it aint broke don’t fix it”

Let’s face it, we have all had those thoughts about our Networks. The fact is, that your network may be silently stealing from your bottom line.

Here are two examples how:

Case #1

Large Healthcare Service provider had a reliable network that allowed the users at the main site and several remote sites to connect and do business as necessary. However,the network would periodically show signs of latency and delays. The IT Director decided on switching infrastructure that was recommended by Surazal Systems. The immediate result was users from every department commenting on the incredible performance of the network.

The impact to productivity for the entire organization was immediate and significant. With each associate being able to do more in a smaller amount of time. This change had a direct positive affect on the bottom line.

Case #2

Small IT firm had an old phone system (key) that had been in place for nearly 10 years. The phones worked well, and the system provided some nice features like voicemail, out calling and conference calling.

Surazal Systems recommend and installed a phone system that supports Digital, Analog, and IP phones. In addition, this system provided advanced unified communications options that allowed Sales Executives in the field to get to the CRM system from their smart phones. It also allowed Engineers in the field to have their voicemails sent to their E-mail. The accounting department enjoyed the convenience and the security of having faxes sent to their private extension and converted to E-mailed PDF files.

This small company could now out perform it’s competitors, and turn information into action quicker and more securely than possible before the new system was installed.

The immediate result was increased speed of information flow, increased speed of addressing customer needs, and the increased security and convenience of financial transactions. These improvements had a direct impact on the bottom line.