Disaster Recovery


The information that is stored on the systems and servers  connected to a network is very important to the organization.  Many times without this information, the organization will not function.

  • The last time we had a disk failure, our backup tape didn’t work.
  • We do backups every night, but the tape stays in the server.
  • I wish we had a reliable method to store our back-ups off site.
  • I would like to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan – where do I start.


Solidnet Disaster Recover Solutions start by walking you through the development of a disaster recovery plan.  We then assist you in implement the plan step by step.  Whether your plan includes only backup and recovery or whether it includes mirrored datacenters, the initial step is to make sure there is a reliable backup and recovery scheme in place. 

Benefits of the SolidNet Disaster Recovery solution include:

  • Disaster recovery plan formulation.
  • Disaster recovery plan implementation.
  • Backup and restore schemes
  • Backup/Restore testing and verification.
  • Off-site backup solution.