Surazal for Health & Hospitals

Surazal Systems provides HIPAA/HITECH professional compliance solutions as well as Network Engineering Services. We provide the tools to help your practice protect patient information and comply with HIPAA/HITECH regulations. As Network Engineering and Performance Specialists we also provide the equipment and expertise necessary to ensure that your Network Infrastructure (wired & wireless) is at peak performance.

HIPAA/HITECH compliance solutions:

It’s simple: everyone who could come in contact with Patient Health Information (PHI) must comply with HIPAA/ HITECH regulations or risks of fines of $50,000 or more and even criminal charges. We can help you assess your risks and protect your practice. We can also help you establish “meaningful use” so you can tap into the $20 billion in Federal incentives for healthcare IT upgrades (and potentially receive up to $40K per qualified practice). With Surazal, an eGestalt Managed Compliance provider, you’ll get simple, affordable solutions that scale to your needs, from one-person practices, to multi-office healthcare facilities and hospitals. Solutions like SecureGRC, with:

  • Comprehensive security risk and gap analysis
  • Complete support for wireless technologies, including Mobile Health (mHealth and Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  • Secure cloud-based solution is easy to manage, easy to budget
  • Plus, a library of ready-to-use resources speeds compliance efforts

Network Engineering Services:

Your network is the technological backbone for your enterprise; if it isn’t designed and implemented correctly, you’ll experience delays and failures that seriously hamper operations every step of the way. Whether you’re expanding, upgrading or installing an all-new network, we can help you eliminate roadblocks by reviewing, designing/re-designing your network infrastructure.

SolidNet™ Network Maintenance & Management:

SolidNet™ is our proprietary monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance solution designed to let you affordably “smartsource” the hard part of network maintenance. SolidNet™ gives you access to proactive prevention, and faster diagnosis and resolution too.