eGestalt SecureGRCTM SB:  

The Security and Compliance Solution

eGestalt’s SecureGRC SB provides detailed risk analysis with complete security and guidance on all relevant aspects of medical practices. The solution also helps track and manage Business Associate compliance documentation. Delivered via the cloud, eGestalt constantly updates SecureGRC SB with the latest compliance requirements.

The solution requires no hardware or software investments and can be implemented quickly. Users do not have to worry about technical support or backup requirements while also receiving the benefit of a future-proof compliance solution. SecureGRC SB also includes built-in HIPAA and HITECH support that can be easily extended and automatically kept up-to-date. All data is stored in a SaS 70 Type II secure data center, and no electronic patient information is removed from client sites.

SecureGRC SB also delivers the necessary risk analysis and compliance reports required for demonstrating the appropriate level of Meaningful Use so that Covered Entities can receive reimbursements from the federal government as soon
as possible.


SecureGRC SB Features/Advantages

  • Offers a simple, menu-driven, framework-based assessment, supporting HIPAA/HITECH regulations, and harmonizing multiple regulations–now and in the future with automatic updates to changes in regulatory requirements.
  • Complies with requirements for Covered Entities (CE’s)  and Business Associate (BA’s).
  • Cloud-based, turnkey service with no additional hardware/software investments required.
  • Support for both HIPAA and HITECH regulations—including privacy and security rules.
  • Provides real-time dashboards for quick views of compliance status by customers, risks, regulations, assesses, and many more—supported by extensive on-demand report-generation feature covering risk and compliance.
  • Creates a finished document, Report on Compliance and Risk Reports, that can be used to show compliancy to other organizations and auditors.
  • Offers, built-in, configurable policy-based risk model with real-time risk status.
  • Single centralized repository for all compliance related evidence.
  • Includes easy plug-in for PCI-DSS compliance if required.
  • Meets and/or exceeds Stage 1 requirements for Security Risk Analysis required for Federal EMR grants.
  • Tracking and managing of Business Associate compliance documentation.
  • Offers extensive library of updated ready-to-use, free, pre-packaged, and customizable templates of policies, best procedural practices, and recommendations supported by extensive online help, context-sensitive guides.
  • Generates updates as new and revised policies, procedures, and forms are released.
  • Automatic updates to changes in regulatory requirements.
  • Automates email reminders on various compliance-related workflow activities.
  • Creates single, centralized repository for all compliance-related documentation to meet the evidence requirements.
  • Facilitates exclusive and secure instance of SecureGRC interface for each customer   while tracking and managing their Business Associates’ and vendors’ compliance documentation.
  • And ultimately creates Peace-of-Mind with continuous security and compliance