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WP7 and Isolated Storage
Developing iPhone IPad App
Windows Phone 7 & XNA Game Dev 101

Visual Studio

» .NET Framework 4.0 Task Parallel Library Intro
» Introducing WCF RIA Services
» Implementing SOA using WCF
» App Logging with MS Ent. Library


» Silverlight 4 With WCF Data Services
» Performance Monitoring ASP.NET Web Apps
» Master & Detail Lists in SharePoint 2010
» Why Sharepoint?
» Win 7 Code Pack for Visual Studio

Webcast Webcasts bring together experts on a variety of IT topics to helptechnology professionals build their knowledge and shape the future of their IT organizations. The Webcasts cover a broad range of topics and present the opportunity to discuss the challenges that present themselves to IT managers in an interactive environment. The topics covered include security, networking, storage, ITSM, and business/IT alignment.