Introduction – The Implications of Virtualized Workloads

Virtualization stands to bring enormous cost savings to organizations by significantly reducing the space and electrical power required to run data centers and clouds, and by streamlining the management of an ever growing number of servers. It is no wonder, then, that adoption of virtualization is proceeding at a very rapid rate, and being accelerated by tough economic times and cost cutting mandates. In fact, Gartner estimates that 50% of the world’s workloads will be virtualized by 2012.

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Junos Operation System

IP networking has transformed the telecommunications industry over the last decade. Global populations now have the power to access, create, and distribute information in ways undreamed of when the public switched telephone network (PSTN) dominated interpersonal communication. Internet connectivity is now a given for businesses, and the future of e-commerce is assured. Yet with all of these changes, the telecom network still sets the standard for reliability in many people’s minds.

With continuous systems, Juniper Networks meets this challenge head-on and introduces a new standard of availability for IP networking – self-aware network devices that are always alert to potential issues and always ready to initiate repair.

Considering the critical role that IP plays in today’s networks, Juniper Networks had a significant advantage when the company developed and deployed its first systems: TCP/IP was already a global standard. In fact, when Junos OS was introduced in 1998, it was the first network operating system designed specifically for IP routing. Ever since those early days, Juniper has maintained an impeccable reputation for reliability and innovation. Stable service and support are the touchstones of Juniper engineering.

With the advent of continuous systems, Juniper raises the bar for IP/MPLS networking, and introduces software, equipment, and services that keep networks up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Juniper has devoted extensive resources to developing continuous systems so that customers can be assured of nonstop network operations, even during Routing Engine (RE) restarts and system upgrades. Read more…Continuous Systems Non-stop Operations with Junos Operation System

Aerohive – BYOD and Beyond: Mobility, Productivity, and BYOD

The mobility phenomenon is truly one of the drivers of technology today. A few short years ago, wireless was simply a convenience feature to provide connectivity in conference rooms and on campuses for students who wanted to site outside while writing a term paper. Now with the advent of all these wireless devices, the requirement for mobility and wireless in motion, and the lack of physical Ethernet ports on these devices, wireless in motion, and the lack of physical Ethernet ports on layer for network connectivity. Gone are the days when a network administrator could sit down and plan “3 Ethernet ports per cube” and be ready to go for switch, access, and capacity planning. Now users aren’t connecting just their corporate-provided computers, but a bevy of personal and corporate-provided devices that are truly changing work from a place you go to a thing you do – any time, anywhere, and from any device. Read more…surazal-aerohive whitepaper byod