Network Access Control


  • Access to the network is essential for workers, teachers, students, and Partners.  Whether accessing the network form a remote or branch site, home, or even somewhere from an Internet connection, maintaining the security of the network and its users is a primary concern.
    • I wish I could guarantee that users connecting to our network are not transferring viruses.
    • If a device is acting suspiciously on the network, I would like to have notification, or have it shut down.
    • I would love a remote access solution that is secure, effective, and is easy to use and administer.
    • I would like to have a guest network for users that can only access predetermined resources such as the Internet.


  • SolidNet Access control solutions employ top notch integrated technologies.  We then round that off with our 24/7 SolidNet Security to provide an extremely secure and worry free environment.
  • The following are the benefits of a SolidNet NAC solution:
    • Easy access from any location.
    • Endpoint checking (ex. AV scanning)
    • Firewall/IDP integration
    • Remediation and guest networks
    • 24/7 Security Response Center monitoring.