The Surazal Systems Solidnet™ Solution

Virtual Employee is a unique Solidnet™ feature. With the use of Virtual Employee, Surazal Systems is able to provide an on-site engineer that becomes a part of your IT staff. The assigned network engineer will regularly spend 1-3 days a week at your location performing proactive network checks, getting to know the IT staff, and working on assigned projects.

The goal of the Virtual Employee is to make certain that your network is properly tuned and operating efficiently in order to meet your current and future business needs.

Virtual Employee, coupled with SolidNet™, guarantees 24×7 network management with a personal touch and a consistent presence.  Surazal Technologies becomes an active partner in ensuring that your network is healthy and efficient. Should a system go down, we are aware of it before you are, and we respond by taking immediate corrective action to identify and resolve the problem. Our systems are even sensitive enough to detect and correct problems before they occur, in order to prevent system failure. SolidNet™ enables your IT organization to move beyond reactive mode into a controlled, consistent, and proactive environment.  Surazal’s SolidNet provides all of the benefits of a permanent employee, at a fraction of the cost.