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Network Performance Specialists

Experience has taught us that constantly maintained networks have a high rate of performance. Because of ever increasing application demands such as NCWise, distance learning and extensive internet usage, the network must be continually assessed for performance. SolidNet™ performance specialist, have the training, experience, and passion for network performance that will translate to satisfied end users for you.

Self-Service Portal

With the Self Service Portal (SSP), total network control is only a click away. As long as you have internet access you can securely monitor your network. Whether you want a top-level overview or very specific details, SSP is at you service.

Monthly Reports

The SolidNet™ monthly reporting process provides important network health trend information for accurate planning and structured maintenance of your network.performance_piechartThe reporting process includes monthly meeting with your Virtual Employee to discuss network reports and to make recommendations based on the findings. Clients utilizing SSP have the added benefit of being able to auto-generate reports anytime network information is needed.