• As VoIP becomes a communications standard of any organizations, it is important to have a monitoring and remediation system in place.
    • Is there anything unusual happening on the network?
    • We were unable to make outgoing calls.
    • There seems to be static on the line
    • Calls are dropping


SolidNet™ Network Monitoring solutions, provides technology specifically for VoIP.  Prior to installation, we provide network assessments to ensure that the existing network will be able to successfully handle the VoIP traffic.

  • Network baselines quickly allow staff to recognize any anomalies on the network, and quickly correlate them to any network performance issues.
  • End to end VoIP network forensics, quickly isolates issues that may be causing voice quality or voice performance issues. 
  • 24/7 monitoring alert on standard or customer specific metric in order to maintain a consistent level of VoIP services