When Looking for or buying Routers…

When choosing a router the first thing you want to think about is what types of networks are we connected to. Make sure you either choose a with a router that handles your needs for the next couple of years at a very good price or find a router that can be upgraded to accommodate different types of connectors ie. (10/100/1000ethernet serial-RJ11, etc.), speed and new protocols of software. Also, configuration, support and maintenance are extremely important.

Second is the speed at which the router can move information. Home routers move or transmit information at a speed of 1.544 mbps to 11 mbps, with the top routers starting at 300 mbps.

The last thing to consider is where in your network are going to place your unit. This is based on connectivity to outside networks entering your facility and connecting to your internet network. A router’s prime function is the integration of multiple networks which allows date exchange between those networking. The router also controls points that connects all devices together in a computer network.

A switch is the element that connects two or more segments of a network. The switch provides data connectivity and facilitates data transfer between two separate branches of a network.