When looking for or buying Switches…

When looking for or buying switches, first consider the number users, (computers, printers and access ports needed). The number of ports is one of the biggest factors in the cost of a switch.

Next you should think about your basic network infrastructure. Switches can support from 8, 12, 24 ports all the way up to 48 ports, on one single switch or switch blade for a chassis.

The next area is speed. Do your users need a fast network with low lateral, or is speed to transfer large data files required within the network. Or is the math purpose to access the internet and network resource access.

If you are planning on building a large network you may have switches that support different roles like a core, access, compact, or data center or server switch.

There are many factors that you may want or need on some or all of your switches which needs to be factored in like managed or unmanaged, does it support layer 2,3, 0r 4 and configuration access.

The condensed steps are below:

  1. Think about the number of users and or connections.
  2. Consider your network infrastructure.
  3. Determine the network needs of the users.
  4. What is the role of each switch in each of the network?
  5. What are the desired features needed on each switch?
  6. Pick a vendor and a company to buy from.
  7. Think about a price range.
  8. Are new or used switches an option?
  9. Think about installation and configuration, of parts, speed, configuration and power.