Network Managment

Network Management and Maintenance

SolidNet is Surazal’s maintenance and management service. It was developed incorporating the most advanced Network Management technology. SolidNet engineers possess a large breadth of knowledge, and extensive experience utilizing a variety of specialized network management tools.

Surazal has put all of the pieces together so that you don’t have to. Connect to our network and instantly gain the benefits of advanced management systems. You no longer have to purchase expensive equipment, develop extensive processes or train and retain specialized talent. Surazal SolidNet service enables clients to concentrate on core business projects, while their network is professionally managed, resulting in increasingly more reliable and efficient performance.

Surazal has managed MPL’s Frame Relay networks that reach from coast to coast. We combine the security of knowing that your network is being managed and monitored 7/24, with our unique Virtual Employee service. A Virtual Employee is a Surazal engineer that regularly and proactively provides network services at the customer location. Our consistent on-site presence makes us a valuable member of our client’s IT staff.

How do you ensure that your network is available, secure and operating at its peak performance? Contact Surazal about SolidNet services.