SolidNet™ Self Service Portal

We Give you security with expert network assistance

Manage your network the way you want. SolidNet™ Self Service Portal is a uniquely hosted, wide-area network management service that offers a flexible, scalable means of controlling and managing your network.

Our SolidNet™ integrated network management solution and our WAN expertise keeps your network running reliably and efficiently. The integrated Self-Service Portal (SSP) allows you to access network functions and diagnostics from anywhere at any time.

This gives you the option of keeping many or most functions in-house, while drawing on support from a Surazal specialist when necessary. You enjoy full control of your network, with the security of expert outside help on-call.

Self-Service Portal Dashboard

Solidnet SSP is a Web-enabled suite of applications designed around a three-tiered integrated technologies model. Three process “engines” sit at the core of this architecture:

Provisioning Engine

This component enables customer and Surazal staff to quickly and automatically provide applications and service that will be part of a customized system. It allows customers to “turn up” services over the Internet using a standard web browser.

Infostore Engine

This stores information about the customer’s network based on options entered into the Provisioning Engine. This information is supplied to the applications used to manage the network, providing trend, history, and analysis reports, along with information on network topology and assets.

Resolution Engine

This component performs network and system diagnostics, isolates problems, and presents recommendations for resolving them. It uses a combination of historical data, real-time statistics, exceptional root cause analysis, and industry guidelines to preempt or resolve problems quickly.