SolidNet™  Enterprises

SolidNet™ provides 7/24/365 days per year network monitoring, troubleshooting, and management services. SolidNet ™ utilizes technologically advanced network management hardware and software to provide visibility and access to the entire network from a central location. This enables proactive problem avoidance, and quick diagnosis and resolution of faults when they occur. SolidNet™ offers Wide Area Network and Local Area Network engineering and implementation expertise, as well as a full-featured remote network management service. As a unique and valuable part of SolidNet™, Surazal provides an on-site engineer 1-3 days a week.

Network Management

SolidNet™ is Surazal’s comprehensive network management service which combines remote network and system administration features with complete network management, network performance reporting and automatic problem resolution features. In addition, the Surazal Client Account Team will quickly and accurately perform the most tedious network administration tasks such as adding and eliminating network users, and tuning and upgrading servers. SolidNet™ also offers complete systems management from desktops to servers.

IT Management

SolidNet™ is a unique end-to-end service that allows IT managers to work several layers above the day-to-day network tasks that often consume time and resources resulting in increased uptime, network throughput and efficiency.

SolidNet™ will pay for itself quickly by freeing expensive IT staff members, reducing down time, and improving efficiency. Contact Surazal to speak to a network specialist or to obtain a Solidnet brochure outlining specific SolidNet™ features.