Key Benefits of the Aerohive Solution

Aerohive’s award-winning technology brings together all of the enterprise-class features, as well as the management, mobility, and security needed by organizations of all sizes today. Aerohove’s cloud-enabled, distributed Wi-Fi and routing solutions deliver the functionality and performance required in the enterprise – without the cost and complexity of a controller-based solution.

Technology Key Benefit
Controller-less WLAN Architecture Provides enterprise-grade Wi-Fi without the additional hardware expense of a controller
Identity-based Policy Enforcement at the Edge Ensures enforcement of QoS, access control, and security policies at the access point – allowing traffic to be controlled right when it enters the network
Authentication with Private Pre-Shared Key Provides a way to identify individual users on a single SSID, so each can be granted different user profiles
High Availability and Mesh Network Redundancy Creates redundant paths between access points, enabling the WLAN to route around wired network failures – thereby ensuring there is no single point of failure within the wireless or the wired infrastructure
Client Health Score Offers easy “at-a-glance” visibility into the status or “health” of clients connected to the Wi-Fi network
Dynamic Airtime Scheduling Allocates airtime instead of bandwidth to each individual user, user type, and user queue – with a preference given to higher priority clients
Wi-Fi Service Level Assurance Provides network administrators unprecedented levels of Wi-Fi visibility and determinism by monitoring every client’s capabilities, throughput, airtime use, and Client Health Score
Spectrum Analysis Detects interference from non-Wi-Fi radio devices and no additional hardware or licenses are required to use this feature
Cloud Proxy Automatically diverts Internet-bound traffic through cloud-based web security service, to reduces bandwidth cost and deliver higher security.
IP Address Management Enables administrator to provision access to remote networks automatically by simply designating subnetwork size and number of branches.
Cloud Platform Cloud platform collocated in tier-1, SAS70 type II certified state of the art datacenters allowing Aerohive services to be delivered on-demand globally.
Redirector Instantly enables zero-touch provisioning of Aerohive devices from anywhere in the world.