Safely avoiding the pitfalls of virtualization

What particularly impresses KYBERNETIKA’s CEO is the uniform management made possible by Cisco UCS. “That is a crucial benefit, because inadequately integrated administration tools for servers, storage and networks are one of the most dangerous pitfalls in virtualization,” says Alder. Market researchers share this view. According to Forrester, after a server virtualization, many administrators spend most of their time with policy mapping, debugging, and ironing out performance problems. If, for example, virtual machines are relocated on the hardware, all potential server hosts have to have the appropriate network configurations. One single configuration error may result in several virtual machines no longer having access to storage resources.

“With Cisco’s UCS, this type of occurrence is a thing of the past,” Alder says. “Unified Computing means first and foremost unified management. Different types of resources, such as virtual servers, network connections, and storage allocations can, for the first time, be located together at one central point, making administering and controlling them a highly efficient process.” To illustrate this, he cites the example of virtual network links (VN-Links), which are based on so-called port profiles. These profiles contain attributes such as the allocation to virtual LANs or quality of service settings. Thanks to the VN-Link, virtual network interface cards (NICs) are integrated directly into the VMware virtualization solution, which means that they can be configured concurrently with the respective virtual machine. In the past, a physical server had to be pulled out of the rack specifically for this, and a physical network interface card had to be inserted and removed again after use.


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