SolidNet Wireless Network Management

Surazal’s Network management utilizes HiveManager as an out-of-band network Management System (NMS) for simple policy configuration, firmware upgrades, and monitoring of up to thousands of Aerohive 802.11ac access points, switches, and routers.  A revolutionary new user-interface makes it easy and intuitive to create and deploy unified LAN and WLAN polilcies across your entire network.

This wireless management capability, offers real-time topology, performance, and client information to simplify troubleshooting, capacity planning, and security remediation of networks application.  Our Network management enables access policies based on identitiy, application, and device type.


SolidNet’s Wireless Management greatly simplifies deployment.  There is no pre-staging or configuration necessary to connect Aerohive devices in any location to their wireless management software, which makes it ideal for distributed deployments.  SolidNet fully integrates with Aeorohive’s HiveManager. Hive Manager’s  wireless management sofware enables administrators to establish a configuration once, via the central management portal instance.  This configuration is automatically provided to the Aerohive AP access point, switch, or router when the device is initially plugged in and connected to HiveManager.  This functionality makes managing thousands of devices as easy as managing a single device.


All of the HiveManager platforms support two modes: Express Mode, which is a simplified version of the interface designed to make initial deployment and training simple and quick; and, Enterprise Mode, which includes an extensive object-based management system and full feature support. Customers can easily migrate an Express Mode deployment to Enterprise Mode at any point when additional features or flexibility are required.

Features and Benefits:

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