Network Engineering

The networks we build are designed to work well, so you can work better. We use equipment – routers, switches, firewalls – that we know will maximize performance and throughput. Our networks are robust, secure, and dependably efficient.

Equipped for Efficiency Full Coverage

As Wide Area Network specialists, we offer a full range of network services. In addition to installation and integration, we provide on-site and remote network management with our Solidnet Enterprise solution, portal-accessed network management with Solidnet SSP, and specialist consulting. One thing all of our services have in common is our high personal involvement – your network is our business. Together with our virtuosity in WAN technology, this assures you of the highest quality of service.


  • Installation and Integration
  • Site Surveys (wireless)
  • Network Health Audits
  • Troubleshooting and
  • Protocol Analysis
  • Staging and Configuration
  • Network Inventory
  • Network Roll-outs and
  • Project Management
  • Network Upgrade

WAN/LAN Access Devices

  • Routers
  • Layer 2 and 3 Switches
  • Bandwidth Managers
  • Internet Filters
  • Network Maintenance

Unified Communications

  • Voice Switch with Analog
  • Digital and IP Phones
  • Voice Over IP Gateway
  • Servers and Phones
  • Integrated Messaging with
  • Email, Voice and Fax


  • Copper
  • Fiberoptic
  • Coaxal
  • Voice, Data & Video


  • Access Points
  • Antennas
  • Cards

Security Solution

  • Firewalls/IPS
  • VPNs
  • Web
  • Web Filters