SolidNet Maintenance & Performance Management

Gain a committed partner with SolidNet Maintenance and Performance

Management (MPM):

  • 24×7 network monitoring and management
  • Advanced network management hardware and software
  • Surazal on site engineer (virtual employee)
  • 1-5 days a week
  • SolidNet Self-Service Portal included for free
Surazal Solid Net MPM

SolidNet Maintenance & Performance Management is Surazal’s top-notch maintenance and management service.

SolidNet MPM provides 24/7 network monitoring, troubleshooting, and management services 365 days per year. SolidNet MPM utilizes technologically advanced network management hardware and software to provide visibility and access to the entire network from a central location. This enables proactive problem avoidance and quick diagnosis and resolution of faults when they occur. SolidNet Maintenance & Performance Management offers wide nrea Network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) engineering and implementation expertise, as well as a full-featured remote network management service. As a unique and valuable part of SolidNet MPM, Surazal provides an on-site engineer 1-3 days a week.

This service was developed incorporating the most advanced network management technology. Surazal engineers possess a large breadth of knowledge and extensive experience utilizing a variety of specialized network management tools.

Surazal has put all the pieces together so that you don’t have to. Connect to our network and instantly gain the benefits of advanced management systems. No longer must you purchase expensive equipment, develop extensive processes, or train and retain specialized talent.

Surazal’s SolidNet MPM service enables clients to concentrate on core business projects while their network is professionally managed, resulting in increasingly more reliable and efficient performance.

Surazal has managed MPL’s frame relay networks that reach from coast to coast. We combine the security of knowing that your network is being managed and monitored 24/7 with our unique virtual employee service. A virtual employee is a Surazal engineer that regularly and proactively provides network services at the customer’s location. Our consistent on-site presence makes us a valuable member of our client’s IT staff.

SolidNet Maintenance & Performance Management

Surazal’s comprehensive network management service combines remote network and system administration features with complete network management, network performance reporting, and automatic problem resolution features.

The Surazal Client Account Team will quickly and accurately perform the most tedious network administration tasks, such as adding and eliminating network users and tuning and upgrading servers. SolidNet Maintenance & Performance Management also offers complete systems management, from desktops to servers.

We customize innovative, effective solutions to help your business run smoothly, regardless of if you have an internal IT staff. Our IT management is built on efficiency and offers both on-site and remote support.

Included with SolidNet Maintenance & Performance Management:

24:7 IT Support
24/7 IT Support

SolidNet Network Maintenance & Performance Management partners with your organization to secure your networks and keep your organization running efficiently. Surazal’s SolidNet Technical Support team is here for you 24/7.

Monitoring & Repair
Monitoring & Repair

SolidNet includes state of the art performance software, 24/7 alert notifications, proactive diagnoses, remediation, and repair.

Top-Notch Security Services
Top-Notch Security Services

Proactively secure your network, servers, and computers from malicious viruses, malware, and ransomware so your organization can run efficiently and ultimately, increase profitability.

Managed Network
Managed Network

Resolve potential issues before they impact your business with regular maintenance of your devices, servers, and network. Network performance diagnostics are continuously monitored and provide important network health information for robust performance and stability.

4-Hour Response Time
4-Hour Response Time

In the event that your network experiences a critical issue, our Surazal SolidNet Technical Support team will report to your organization within 4 hours of receiving a report. Rest easy knowing that your organization’s success is our mission.


Virtual Employee

How would you like a certified network engineer on site 1 to 3 days, performing networking tasks tailored to your needs?

Surazal’s network engineers work to understand the goals and objectives of the organization and the requirements of NC Wise.

The assigned engineer will utilize this knowledge to ensure that you have the additional technical support staff necessary to run your network efficiently.

Service Center

Would you like to have access to a help desk staffed with specialized experts available for consultation via phone or on-site when needed? Surazal includes that special support.

Network Operations Center (NOC):

Our Network Operationsl Center offers specialized NOC designed with state-of-the-art network assessment tools to ensure your network is being maintained and is at peak performance.

People at Surazal


Security with Surazal

Network Security Specialists

Don’t have enough time to focus exclusively on network security? Your Surazal maintenance team does. Our specialists focus on network security and provide the tools and techniques necessary to protect your network. In addition, our specialists inform you of the latest network security challenges and advances so that you can make informed decisions.

Security Operations

Organizations can have around-the-clock security monitoring for intrusion, virus/worm outbreaks, and other security threats. Security Operations also provides periodic vulnerability scans and server patch level verifications. Specialized security devices at your location (e.g., firewalls, security gateways, and software) are monitored for alarms, outages, and any patterns that may indicate a security risk.


Network Performance Specialists

Experience has taught us that constantly maintained networks have a high rate of performance. Because of ever-increasing application demands such as NC Wise, distance learning, and extensive internet usage, the network must be continually assessed for performance. Surazal performance specialists have the training, experience, and passion for network performance that will translate to satisfied end users for you.

Self-Service Portal

With the Self-Service Portal (SSP), total network control is only a click away. If you have internet access, you can securely monitor your network. Whether you want a top-level overview or very specific details, SSP is at your service.

Monthly Reports

The Surazal monthly reporting process provides important network health trend information for accurate planning and structured maintenance of your network. The reporting process includes monthly meetings with your virtual employee to discuss network reports and to make recommendations based on the findings. Clients utilizing SSP have the added benefit of being able to auto-generate reports any time network information is needed.

Performance with Surazal

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