for Business

Surazal for Business

Surazal for Business consists of three components:

  • Business/Enterprise Network Assessments

  • Surazal Managed Services

  • Surazal Self-Service Portal

We integrate these three components to bring a complete solution for Businesses.

Business Assessments:

Help determine the security, performance and level of integration of your network.

The following is provided:

  • Network Health Assessments
  • Security/Risk Assessment
  • Reports/Recommendation                

Surazal Managed Services:

Provide a consistent 24/7 monitoring and remediation service, onsite and emergency dispatch service.

Surazal for Business also includes:

Equipment and Services

The engineering services consist of complete systems integration services, from design to Implementation and installation. Businesses will benefit from:

  • High Speed Wide Area Networks to move large images and data, while connecting remote sites.
  • Secure Remote Access for Partners and off-site workers.
  • Security Infrastructure Design for securely connecting MFG and Enterprise networks.
  • Advanced High-Speed Switching for high performance at each location including access and data centers,
  • Unified Ubiquitous Communication Systems allow staff to communicate wherever they are as if they were in the office. Excellent solution for sales executives, outside technicians, and other employees.

Structured Wiring Solutions include copper and fiber optics design and installation to provide neat and clean wiring and server rooms, and to assure wireless and wired networks perform at their peak.

24/7 Fault Management

Problem Remediation: It is our goal with Surazal to catch problems before they manifest as service issues. Our engineers take ownership of each issue, and work with manufacturers, vendors, and service providers until the issue is resolved. “We do this so that you don’t have to.”

Advanced Performance Monitoring

Our Surazal Network Maintenance and Monitoring provides in-depth information to determine if a device is operating at peak level.
Detailed performance and utilization reports are reviewed, and adjustments made, to ensure high levels of user satisfaction. “Happy end users are our business.”

Security Monitoring

It is our goal with Surazal to catch problems before they manifest as service issues. Our engineers take ownership of each issue, and work with manufacturers, vendors and service provides until the issue is resolved.  “We do this so that you don’t have to.”

On-site Virtual Engineer

A Certified Surazal engineer becomes part of your staff to perform maintenance activities and complete projects.  You assign projects based on what’s important to you. The virtual employee is at your location for a minimum of two days per week. so there is no need to add work to already stretched technical staff. We’re involved in your projects from the planning stage to successful completion.

Remote Technical Support/Helpdesk

Expert network and system designers interpret useful trending data gathered from Surazal to produce reliable technology plans and upgrade maps. In addition, the on-site “Virtual Employee” performs network maintenance tasks and project implementation.