Manufacturers have become more efficient by employing and integrating technologies to support the operation. Given the increased dependency on the network, when the network is down or performing poorly, it is costing Money. In addition more manufacturers have connected the manufacturing and production systems to the enterprise network. This requires a security infrastructure that is designed for this type of MFG network integration.

Having a resilient high performance network that is also intelligent, flexible, and secure requires a level of design, engineering, and monitoring that is unique to the Manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers may also have large sites or campuses with multiple buildings and many remote sites.

Solidnet for Manufacturers provides and supports networks for Manufacturers of all types and sizes.

IT has become the backbone of Manufacturing Operations.

The network’s performance and reliability has a direct impact on manufacturing operations and the use of advanced technology tools to manage those operations.

Today’s Manufacturing Technology Challenges:



The need to bring sophisticated, highly valued goods to market—to compete with more commodity-like products sourced from low-cost regions—puts the premium on product innovation.


Product Development

Managing new product development efforts today involves incessant change; close communication with suppliers, customers, and other business partners; and navigation of global complexity.



The advances in the wireless era has brought on the need for not only people but entire locations and equipment to communicate wirelessly. This dramatically expands the scope of business intelligence, improves the corresponding decision-making, and establishes a new horizon for automation.



No longer is IT something you use as support to get the “real work” of manufacturing done; instead, IT has become integrated within the whole manufacturing process—something that has to be effectively managed every day in operations.

A new business model for manufacturers delegates non-core activities to various specialized partners, creating an extended enterprise that depends on a high level of collaboration in order to be successful. These collaborative solutions allow firms to plan, integrate, and execute all aspects of their operations more efficiently and effectively

Solidnet addresses the major challenges, uses, and benefits of Information Technology and Enterprise Application use in Plant Operations, Enterprise Planning, and Supply Chain Management. We offer 24 hour remote network monitoring and maintenance, weekly on-site project work, browser based diagnostic and management tools, and advanced professional services.

The Solidnet Enterprise service package frees IT Managers from the day-to-day network tasks that consume time and resources, while concurrently, boosting network reliability and efficiency. Your entire business becomes more competitive.